What We Do

The TxM Software Suite:

Secure.  Easy-to-use.  Efficient. What’s not to love?
TxM is a web-based transaction management application designed to simplify and secure communication between closing agents and all stakeholders of a real estate transaction.  Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders can now securely collaborate & exchange information with their closing agent through TxMs modern, clean, and intuitive user interface.  TxM seamlessly integrates with the closing agent’s enterprise software to protect sensitive information and facilitate a smoother closing process.

TxM is built upon our Collaboration Fabric, a secure, yet easy-to-use environment where people can safely share sensitive information, documents, and communication.


TxM is a multifaceted software module that safely shares information, documents, and communication by leveraging Vodii’s Collaboration Fabric.

SPS Tools

Does your title company run SoftPro Select (“SPS”)? Vodii’s SPS Tools provide a simple way to instantly enhance the power of SoftPro Select while adding multiple degrees of efficiency to your operation.