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The TxM Software Suite:

Secure.  Easy-to-use.  Efficient. What’s not to love?
TxM is a web-based transaction management application designed to simplify and secure communication between closing agents and all stakeholders of a real estate transaction.  Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders can now securely collaborate & exchange information with their closing agent through TxMs modern, clean, and intuitive user interface.  TxM seamlessly integrates with the closing agent’s enterprise software to protect sensitive information and facilitate a smoother closing process.

TxM is built upon our Collaboration Fabric, a secure, yet easy-to-use environment where people can safely share sensitive information, documents, and communication.

TxM Core

TxM Core is a multifaceted software module that safely shares information, documents, and communication by leveraging Vodii’s Collaboration Fabric.
Collaboration Packages
TxM Collaboration Packages are pre-defined for each of our customers based on their business practices, the parties involved, and what is being shared.  These collaboration packages limit the number of errors and eyeballs on each communication.
Notification Framework
TxM Notification Framework creates efficiency and improves communication by sending automated alerts to all parties when transaction milestones are achieved. These alerts ensure consistent communication to your customers via branded, self-managed message templates.
TxM InfoSheets provide customizable forms for all parties to safely, yet easily input the necessary information needed for a transaction. TxM InfoSheets minimize errors, protect customer data, and save the closing agent time by powering a direct import of the transaction data into the enterprise software.
TxM WireSafe ensures wire transfer communication is protected and minimizes wire fraud scams.
TxM Conversations supply a secure and coordinated location for communication surrounding the transaction. TxM Conversations minimizes the risk of email and wire fraud by bringing people together in a trusted, yet easy to use shared space.
Document Sharing
TxM Document Sharing creates a safe space to upload and exchange necessary documentation without ever compromising sensitive information.
TxM ActionItems allow all parties to stay on top of progress by providing 24/7 visibility to current status and any obstacles to closing.
TxM Scheduler
TxM Scheduler is built upon Vodii’s Collaboration Fabric and integrates with the closing agent’s enterprise software to manage closing appointments.  TxM Scheduler ensures both location and staffing availability and generates confirmation and reminder notifications that allow attendees to easily add appointments to their personal calendar.
TxM Autograph
TxM Autograph saves time and provides unparalleled convenience by allowing customers to digitally sign, and closers to electronically notarize, all closing documentation from anywhere on the planet using just their laptop and an internet connection.  TxM Autograph promptly generates earth-friendly digital copies of all closing documentation and protects the integrity of those documents forever through blockchain technology.


The TxM Software Suite is the most complete, easy-to-use transaction management software on the market, greatly improving the security and efficiency of your transaction.

Best-in-class Security

We believe that security isn’t simply an add-on feature, but must be the core foundation of any effective and efficient solution in today’s complex & specialized world. We built the TxM Software Suite upon our Collaboration Fabric — a secure, yet easy-to-use environment where people can safely share sensitive information, documents, and communication.

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Best-in-class Usability & Efficiency

The TxM Software Suite’s intuitive UX and 24/7 order access gives stakeholders a centralized place to stay informed and safely communicate about their transaction when it’s convenient for them. TxM’s ease-of-use, combined with its best-in-class security, creates demand and encourages adoption from many of your partners — buyers, sellers, lenders, and agents.

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What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Keeping personal data secure
Inefficient data entry
Ineffective, inconsistent & incomplete communication
Not enough hours in the day
Risk of wire fraud
Too much paper
Too much data entry
De-centralized information
Schedule planning

About Us

We’re an experienced group of technologists who are passionate about building the next generation of software tools for the title & escrow industry.

We’ve been dedicated to this business for the better part of two decades, so we know what’s important to keep closers, lenders, agents, buyers, and sellers happy.

That’s why our products are built to:

Simplify processes

Prioritize usability

Improve data accessibility

— Increase communication

Properly secure every transaction

Meet the Team

Matt has spent his career improving experiences through technology.  He established his foundation at Accenture, JP Morgan Chase, and US Bank before founding Nyaas, a niche consulting practice dedicated to making title and escrow firms operate with improved efficiency and customer service.  Now at Vodii, Matt lives at the intersection of business and technology creating easy-to-use, solution-driven software that seamlessly integrates into his customers’ business processes. Metaphorically, anyway — he actually lives in Austin, TX with his wife and 3 kids.

Fun Fact:  

Matt is a darn good mixologist — it’s probably because he cares about the details and wants to please people.  Doesn’t really matter, though, let’s have another!

Matt Regan

Founder / Product / Client Success

Say this 5 times fast:  

Scott is a curious, capable, confident, and committed creator and coder.  

No, really…say it 5 times fast.  We’ll wait.

He’s also detailed, well-traveled, and is mega-experienced — he’s created technology solutions for dozens of companies in several industries all around the world.  We’re lucky that he settled here in Austin with his wife and 2 kids. When he’s not in the office, he’s helping his kids become full humans — and building forts and climbing challenges all around his house.

Favorite Food:

Tacos.  All of them.  Every day.

Scott LaPlante

Partner / Technology / Client Delight

Katherine is Vodii’s octopus. She’s got lots of hands in lots of projects: from product management to project management, from requirements analysis & design to QA & testing, and from feature documentation to release support. Katherine has incredible experience, so there isn’t much she hasn’t seen or isn’t prepared to handle. We think her ability to easily shift gears comes from moving from Puerto Rico to Alaska as a kid. Yup, Puerto Rico to Alaska — so nothing fazes her now. She’s also the proud mom of Rogue and Gandalf, 2 wild and sweet cats.

Fun Fact:
In addition to her work here, Katherine helps others on their spiritual path as the Urban Spirit Guide.


Katherine Ganev

Product / QA / Client Love

“We won James in a high stakes poker game.”
“When James decided to go pro, we selected him with our first draft pick.”
“We went on a road trip and when we got back James was in our trunk.”

No one really remembers the true story of how James joined the team, but the tales seem to get taller every day. That’s because a guy this good deserves an equally good story. What we’ve come to learn is that if you dream it, James can build it — and that’s the honest truth.

Best after work activity with James:
Go to a Brazilian restaurant and let him order for the table…you won’t be disappointed.

James Adler

Technology / Client Entertainment

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